Greetings Earthling!

You just found the gateway to the Art of Vincent Bijwaard aka Alien^PDX.

I am a 38bit old pixeljunkie, web and multimedia designer.
This site functions as a multimedia-dump and portfolio of my demoscene/commercial work.

This site is far from finished and most likely never will be! But for once i will try to keep this a bit up-to-date..ish! Enjoy the ride!
Currently i am fixing the responsive side of this site, so, please understand.. :)

Latest news ::

Titans in videoclips?

Chip-hero Danimal Cannon just released his new videoclip today,
and it features a few scenes straight out of our demo Overdrive. We are officially rockstars now.

1st place somewhere in time

Our Iron Maiden tribute musicdisk called "Stuck somewhere in time" literally rocked the compusphere wild compo.
Me and fellow titan Kabuto are responsible for the megadrive version of it.
The headbangers of Uprough & Insane handled the HTML5 and upcoming amiga version.

Download here!
Live footage:

you can also watch in online, using the CHROME browser only! Right Here

We... smashed it.

Oh yes, this little SNES demo ruled the oldskool compo @ Kindergarten 2014!
1st place , Jake and Ctrix, thanks for having me onboard. Another platform dominated!

Titan's Overdrive Ranked #1 on Pouet &!

Wow how nice, our SEGA Megadrive demo 'Overdrive' has been chosen as Oldskool demo of the year 2013 by!
And the stats on Pouet determined we are the overal number one production of 2013 on =)

Evoke 2013

Oh yes, our megawinning megademo from evoke 2013: Overdrive


I made a book for people that can't read.

It only contains my pictures. And you can't buy it. Be very jealous.

3 color logo compo

Results are in of the 3 color logo compo held on CSDB!
Really happy with my 5th and 12th place amongst 107 logo's and 75 participants.




Six years in development. Our little demo on the Wonderswan Color!

Emu capture by annikras. thx!

Added bonus: Live footage!!


Zalza vs. The World

Also my 2nd production for Revision Party has found its way to the web.
A nice oldskool inspired interface for many crazy chiptunes.
it even has a game and some more easter-eggs

Get it here at Pouet ;)

Chipmusic 4ever!  


New C64 funtro out with Desire and Uncle Alien.

Woohoo we just released our humble little c64 intro at revision!

Get it here at Pouet ;)
Or at the CSdb

True Koala paint oldskool graphicsmode for le win!  

*update* heres some nice live footage from Revision Party!

just some little spam ad for the ;)
visit it if you want to see all the great graphics the demoscene can offer!



Whales by Fabian

Little Trip Clip i made for my bud Fabian who makes some wonderfull Trance.


Zalza Live @ Norberg Festifal 2011

VJ-Anim i made for Zalza's Live-show at the Norberg Festival held in Sweden somewhere!


Evoke 2011

Our little tro for Core got released in the 64k compo.. and won first place!
Software rendering beats shaders any day!! :D

Code by Neoman & isha
Music by StrobeFlux
Gfx by me. who else! :) (and some ascii by malodix/moqui!)


Moar OldSkool For Amiga activists


The 2nd Amiga 500 oldskool cracktro with OZONE for the Facebook democompo.
We will winz!! code by Drareg, GFX by yours truly ofcourse, and sfx by wiklund of FLT.


Alien Winner


Ah an nice weekend, released an Amiga 500 oldskool cracktro with OZONE at DATASTORM 2011 ,

and won the Zalza-facebook/logo contest!  

The Ozone-tro ended 2nd .
Sounds great, but there where only two submissions in the Amiga 64k compo.
Hehe. Still awesome. Check the video!



I like my chips, zalza flavoured.


A new Year, a new logo! First of all, a happy 2k11 to all of ya!
This logo is designed for Zalza's logo competition on facebook ...

Also, im working on some oldskool amiga 500 OCS artworks in 16 incredible colors ;)
but more about that soon!!


New logo, happy client.

Even in canada they know me... and want me!
so here's a new logo i did for another satisfied customer.

GT logo

click the logo to visit his site!


oldskool never dies!


Hmm finally something new from me here!
what will it be?
Click here to find out!

hint:amiga, oldskool, need to know more?

Thats right! thats me!


Yep thats me!..
working on some new stuff... Streetfighter 4 & Mass Effect 2 PS3 Themes..
Artwork for Zalza's chip-cd and more!


Long awaited new artworks part II:


Final version of the new Venom logo for their latest nDS crocktro that just doesnt seem to get finished.. slackers!! :D
So.. you seen it here first!


Long awaited new artworks:


Final version of the new Skid Row logo for their latest crocktro that just doesnt seem to get finished.. slackers!! :D
So.. you seen it here first!


Aliens in the media:


I found some scans of a mac magazine featuring some nice article about the demoscene, along with charts and screenshots from a few of my demo's available on the Mac.
The Article is all in German, but you can always look at the pretty pictures!

hires version




People often ask me about my techniques, so i deceided to put up 2 (rather old, but still) Tutorials, concerning making logo's and detailing some pixels. Even though i recorded the tutorial from my Dutch photoshop, with some basic knowlegde about your tools, you should be able to recreate this in any paint application of your choice.
Good luck!


Mobile phone-game: Alien Truth or Dare:


Via a buddy working at The Saints in Amsterdam i got the job of doing some good olde pixeling for a mobilephone game.
The gfx where supposed to be a skin for an already existing game called 'thruth or dare' , and they wanted a bunch of skins, starting with an 'alien' themed one....
A perfect job for me!

Unfortunately, the game never got released, and im not sure if the gamecompany still exists..but heh..
atleast i got payed!! :)

watch the video of the game.

Trance Energy 11:


Some new 'old' pictures i found recently on my olde hdd again, from Trance Energy #11, held in feb 2006, one of hollands biggest trance parties.
Via my mates at Orange Studios i got a job of rendering all DJ-introductions for their VJ-show. yay!


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